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Puppy Grooms

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Being a new pet-parent can leave you with many questions on how is best to look after your new fur-baby. After reading this blog if you still have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to answer.

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Getting started

Taking your puppy to be groomed for the first time can be nerve-wracking but it is also something to celebrate. A puppy's first experience at the groomers will set the tone for how they feel about the grooming process in the future and as most dogs will need to be groomed for the rest of their life we need to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for them. Before taking your pup to the groomers it is important to check that they have had all of their vaccinations - grooming salons should be up to date with all cleaning and sanitizing equipment but you u can never be too safe. I like suggest to my clients to bring something that smells like home i.e towel, blanket, favorite toy. Most groomers will have puppy treats but you can of course bring your own if you prefer. Your puppy should be at least 12 weeks old at the time of their first groom. At this age  I recommend having a puppy groom every 4 weeks, puppy's need at least 2-3 puppy grooms before they have a full groom this is to ensure they fully comfortable with the process before completing a full groom. When choosing a grooming salon / groomer you'll want to make sure that the employees are friendly and knowledgeable, salon is clean and smells good, do they use cage dryers (unsafe in my opinion), check out the salons reviews and ask for recommendations.


What happens during a puppy groom?

Let me start by saying that dog grooming should never be forceful, dog groomers should only do what the dog will allow. When a dog first enters a grooming room they should be greeted with warmth and lots of cuddles. During the puppy groom the dog will have a bath using a puppy friendly shampoo, soothing blow dry, light brushing, nail trim, eye trim, paw tidy, hygiene area tidy and ear cleaning. There are a couple of things you pet-parents can do at home to help your fur-baby feel more comfortable at the groomers:

  • Handle your pups paws. (light massage over front and back paws including nails)

  • Handle ears. (light massage on the ear leather)

  • Brush your pup everyday. (even if your pup has a short coat)

  • Keep your goodbye short (over excited/nervous goodbyes could make your pup anxious)

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